Last week, a fire broke out in the garage of a home in Surprise, Arizona.  According to Fox 10 Phoenix “How it started is unclear, but regardless, fire crews took a defensive approach to contain the flames and soaked the car in tens of thousands of gallons of water. Then, they used a tool for the first time for their department. A fire blanket. They draped it over the car, eliminating the oxygen and suffocating the flames.”  Although the car wasn’t a full EV, fire officials say the challenges are the same. “They both use a lot of water, so we know it’s going to be a long water fight, using tens of thousands of gallons of water on top of these fires versus a traditional combustion engine,” Subervi said.

12 News coverage reports “Even if the vehicle isn’t the ignition source, once a lithium-ion vehicle, electric vehicle is on fire, those batteries involved, there’s an additional threat there,” Subervi said. Electric or hybrid car fires can significantly change firefighters’ approach to extinguishing the flames. “For us, if it’s an EV or a hybrid, we’re going to start the firefight the same,” Subervi said. “Once we verify it’s an EV, we know it’s going to take a lot more water to be able to put that thing out.” Subervi said it can take tens of thousands of gallons of water more to extinguish electric car fires compared to gas car fires. In this case, firefighters used a fire blanket to keep the lithium-ion batteries from reigniting. “One of the things we see with electric vehicles, one happened in the Valley where the fire is out, it’s been out for an hour, they put it on the back of a tow truck and then it catches on fire an hour later which you wouldn’t see that with a combustion engine,” Subervi said. Subervi said they’ve seen an uptick in these fires, as expected with more people buying electric and hybrid cars. “Those a lot of the times are in garages that we see or on charging stations,” Subervi said.
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An individual was displaced by the tragedy and a GoFundMe page has been created to assist in her recovery. If you are interested, please visit the GoFundMe page to make a donation.