Are You Prepared for an EV Fire?

Rapid and Effective Fire Suppression for Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

The Fire Cloak USA EV fire blanket is the most efficient way to isolate and extinguish any car fire.

EV Fires are extremely difficult to combat. The high-voltage nature of the batteries and the potential for re-ignition make extinguishing these fires more challenging.  With an EV Fire Blanket, you can contain the situation and cool the vehicle down in minutes. An essential tool for every fire department, the EV Fire Blanket protects first responders, bystanders, and the environment from the dangerous toxins that come from a vehicle fire.

Fire Departments across North America are working to establish a solution to quickly combat lithium-ion battery fires. Fire Cloak USA is a quick solution that will buy your fire department time.  EV Fires can be catastrophic when they occur in parking garages, road tunnels, ferries, or parking lots. These volatile fires reach temperatures upwards of 2500 degrees very quickly. As they spread to other vehicles or the surrounding area they lead to massive destruction.

The Fire Cloak USA is an easy way to contain the fire. The blanket is unrolled, centered, and then pulled over the vehicle by trained first responders.  Once deployed, the blanket is then tucked in around the vehicle trapping all the toxins and flames inside. This specialized blanket then begins to cool down the fire within minutes, making it manageable for the first responders. Once the vehicle cools, the blanket can be safely removed and the fire can be extinguished with traditional methods.

Fire Cloak USA is a first line of defense in suppressing an EV Fire.

Ensuring the safety of first responders and electric vehicle (EV) owners is paramount n the rapidly evolving automotive landscape. Unlike traditional combustion engine vehicles, EVs contain high-voltage lithium-ion batteries, which pose unique challenges. The fires cannot be extinguished with traditional methods.

The Fire Cloak USA is an EV fire blanket designed to address the specific risks associated with electric vehicle lithium-ion battery fires. The EV Fire blanket withstands the extreme heat and effectively contains an EV fire within minutes of deployment. It then cools the vehicle down quickly allowing fire departments to then use traditional methods to finish extinguishing the fire.

EV Fire Blankets not only buy time for first responders, but protect our air and ground water by containing the toxins to a specific area. These benefit the hazmat teams by reducing exposure to carcinogens and making cleanup easier. Right now many fire departments are simply letting the EV burn. Not only does it release toxins into our air and groundwater, it’s dangerous for first responders and by standers to inhale. Letting a vehicle burn does not work in areas like a parking

EV Fires are on the rise across the United States and Canada. The high-voltage nature of the batteries and the potential for re-ignition make extinguishing these fires extremely challenging. Protect your property. Protect the environment.  Plus the Fire Blanket USA can be used on ICE, Hybrid, and EV fires!

Thermal runaway fires cannot be extinguished by conventional means.